Hiya! Pretty cool you took the time to visit my site. I don’t have anything to sell (yet), but I can sure tell you a little about myself. Not interested? No hard feelings. You can always leave this page, or the whole website.

Still here? Why, thank you! Well, let’s go. So, my name is Jochem Messbauer, hence the sitename messbauer.com. I’m born in 1976 (late last century) which makes me.. whatever year this is. 2023? I’m probably still 46 years old. When you’re reading this after september 5th, I’m 47 years old. Which pretty much tells you what my birthdate is. So, yeah. I do have a problem with growing older, although I realise that growing older is not a privilige given to everyone. So I should be honoured. And I am. I am married to the Great Suzanne (yes, ‘Suzanne’ does not come without the prefix ‘Great’. Deal with it) and together we are the proud parents to the equally Awesome Bo. See what I did there? 😉

We live in Tilburg, which is in the south of the Netherlands (pretty close to the Belgian border), where I work in IT. I do not know what’s wrong with your computer though. IT is not my passion; it’s basically where I grew into and what seems to be something I’m not bad at. Other things I am not bad at include photography, drawing, writing and sarcasm. No joke there. I kinda not suck at snowboarding and have a nack for driving cars. I am a bit of an adventurer and above all I am a pleaser. I want to make people happy. Not all people, so don’t get your hopes up. I’m anything but a people person, so if you’re in, congrats. 🙂

So why this website? I actually don’t really know. I registered the messbauer.com domain basically because well, I wanted it. Messbauer isn’t really a common name, so there isn’t a huge interest in this domain, I guess. But I wanted a platform to showcase my photography and maybe in the future some of my art and my writing. So there’s that. Just browse around the site, and if you feel like getting in touch; there’s probably an e-mail address here somewhere, or a reactionform. I haven’t gotten around to deciding. Sorry.

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